Sunday, 3 May 2009

bedroom update 2

A recent trip to our local B&Q for painting supplies (painting all woodwork in the house at the minute but that is a different story) proved very fruitful when we spied their new colours wallpaper collection. Greedily we bought some of the lovely forest wallpaper in black and decided that this would be perfect for our room, which then meant that my earlier thoughts of how to update the room would have to change. We decided that the wallpaper would look best on the wall behind our bed, I hate the term feature wall so I wont be using it. We are still going to paint the floors white (negotiation complete) along with all the other woodwork, mouldings and walls. Also, given the strong pattern on the wallpaper we are opting for plain dye white bedding. To add some colour to the room we already have bright blue silk curtains and will compliment these with this lovely bedspread from ikea.

The wall lights have also had to change, I spied these Beryll lights, still from ikea but they will blend in better with the wallpaper.

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