Thursday, 23 April 2009

bedroom update

I have fallen for the Jenna bedding by Linda Barker and was so excited to discover that it is on sale (up to 40% off) on many websites. This will be the perfect thing to accompany the freshly painted floor (still negotiating with Mark) and update our bedroom for summer.

Another thing that I wanted to do was to replace the bedside lamps with wall mounted reading lamps, this will free up space on the bedside tables and give more directional lighting for reading. Don't you just love that ikea always seems to have the right thing for you? These basik wall lights are perfect in their simplicity.

I know that this swallow cushion from Graham and Green would probably be too much with the bedding above but I just can't resist putting it here ... maybe I could use it as a cushion for the chair we have in the bedroom?

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