Tuesday, 8 September 2009


There is a distinct chill in the air ... and our heating has broken. Our brief summer has ended and autumn is here! I love autumn, the beautiful colours make up for the fact that the days are getting much shorter. With the lack of heat in mind I have added this welsh blanket by Jane Beck to my wishlist (which seems to grow longer and longer by the week). This would look fantastic in our bedroom don't you think?

And finally, we have made a decision about the sofa and should be able to give an update with lovely pics very soon! For now I'll get back to waiting patiently for the engineer who promises to fix our boiler ...


  1. The temperature has definitely dipped around here too. I broke out the furry cover for our bed last night! I didn't expect to do that so early. Hope you get everything fixed soon.

  2. The heating is fixed now ... however the weather has improved again. We are holding on to summer for now! Hopefully the same has happened for you.