Monday, 8 June 2009


Thanks to freecycle, Mark and myself are now the proud owners of an Ercol Windsor lounge set. We have been given two armchairs and a two seater sofa for absolutely nothing. The frames are in excellent condition and still have the Ercol seal, the cushions are original and in need of some TLC. I'm thinking of covering them in this Lumimarja fabric by Marimekko.

Here is a lovely photo from Kokor Hekkus' flikr photostream to keep me going, plain purple looks good too ...


  1. What? I never heard of freecycle before! I must check it out . . . I love, love, love that Marimekko print! Please get it! :)

  2. What a fabulous find ! I seem to remember these in deep turquoise in the '60s ....with yellow sailcloth curtains . It was cheery ! But I definitely prefer the purple ...and that Marimekko print would look gorgeous on anything .